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DAFEILA™ INFRAPEACE Red Light Therapy Ear Plugs

DAFEILA™ INFRAPEACE Red Light Therapy Ear Plugs

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DAFEILA™ INFRAPEACE Red Light Therapy Ear Plugs

DAFEILA™ INFRAPEACE Red Light Therapy Ear Plugs

Regular price $49.99
Regular price $49.99 Sale price
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Offering long-term relief from ear ringing and buzzing, Dafeila™ InfraPeace also helps reduce related symptoms such as headaches, migraines, dizziness, nausea, and the embarrassment of unclear hearing.

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Struggling with Tinnitus? We're Here to Help!

Don't Let Hearing Loss Define You - Discover Personalized Solutions Today!

Introducing Dafeila™ InfraPeace

A revolutionary device designed to alleviate the discomfort of tinnitus. Using advanced low-level laser therapy, it targets the root causes of ear ringing, promoting healing and reducing irritation. Compact and easy to use, InfraPeace offers a non-invasive solution for those seeking relief from persistent tinnitus symptoms.

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  • "Wasn't sure if they'd work, but these ear plugs are legit! My ears are feeling way better after just a few weeks."

    — Chantal Woodham
  • "These ear plugs are a lifesaver for my tinnitus! The ringing in my ears has really toned down since I started using them."

    — Elizabeth Addison
  • "Wearing these ear plugs is like a little spa treatment for my ears. So comfy, and they've helped calm my tinnitus."

    Annabelle Webb
  • "Love how easy these ear plugs are to take anywhere. They've been a big help with my tinnitus."

    — Shelia David
    • Soothes

      Non-invasive remedy for ringing or buzzing sounds.

    • Relieves

      Designed to take your focus off your tinnitus, so you don’t notice that it’s there

    • Advanced

      Incorporates proprietary low light laser therapy for optimal tinnitus relief.

    • Perfect Fit

      Designed for comfortable and secure wear

      Emotional Impact

      Frustration, irritability, anxiety, and depression due to the constant presence of sound

      Sleep Disturbance

      The constant noise makes it hard for people to sleep peacefully or even fall asleep

      Lack of Concentration

      The constant noise makes it hard to focus and concentrate, affecting mental clarity and productivity.

      Communication Challenges

      Struggling to hear and understand conversations, making communication challenging

      What is tinnitus and its impact on daily life?

      Tinnitus is the perception of ringing or buzzing sounds without any external source, affecting 10-15% of people globally.

      Low-Level Laser Therapy

      Studies show benefits in tissue repair, pain management, and potential tinnitus treatment. InfraPeace mimics natural hearing for an authentic auditory experience.

      • Revitalize Inner Ear Cells

        The laser penetrates deep into tissue layers, revitalizing and benefiting the strained cells in the inner ear.

      • Laser Therapy At Home

        The laser emits gentle light energy, enhancing cellular activity when applied at home to the ear.

      • Versatile for Any Environment

        Exceptional noise reduction and protection, guaranteeing serenity in any environment.

        Key Benefits

        Dafeila™ InfraPeace Tinnitus Ear Piece offers soothing relief for tinnitus symptoms, providing comfort and support throughout the day.

        Targeted Red Light Therapy

        Delivers targeted red light therapy directly to the ear canal, addressing tinnitus symptoms at the source.

        Enhanced Blood Circulation

        Stimulates blood flow in the ear area, promoting healing and reducing inflammation associated with tinnitus.

        Tinnitus Relief

        Provides effective relief from tinnitus symptoms, including ringing, buzzing, or hissing sounds.

        Non-Invasive Treatment

        Offers a non-invasive alternative for managing tinnitus symptoms without the need for medication or surgery.


        Dr. Anastasia Sanford, Au.D.

        Audiologist in Royal Dawson Winchester Audiological Center

        “InfraPeace has been shown to soothe the symptoms of tinnitus in large-scale clinical trials. It is a form of Low Light Laser Therapy made by qualified doctors who specialize in tinnitus. Work with us to reduce the impact of tinnitus on your day-to-day life and develop techniques to better understand how your tinnitus affects you."

        Science from Professionals

        The science behind Dafeila™ InfraPeace is rooted in extensive research and clinical studies conducted by experts in audiology and medical technology. This innovative device utilizes advanced red light therapy, known for its therapeutic properties in promoting tissue repair and reducing inflammation.

        Studies have shown that low-level laser therapy, as employed by Dafeila™ InfraPeace, can stimulate cellular activity in the inner ear, promoting the regeneration of damaged tissues and improving blood circulation. This targeted stimulation has been found to alleviate tinnitus symptoms and enhance overall auditory function. Dafeila™ InfraPeace is backed by clinical trials demonstrating its efficacy in providing relief from tinnitus discomfort. These studies have revealed significant improvements in tinnitus severity and overall well-being among participants who used the device regularly.

        Discover Relief and Wellness with Dafeila™ InfraPeace

        Elevate Your Ear Health Experience: Discover Why Our Product Outshine the Rest

        Dafeila™ InfraPeace outperforms supplements and other tinnitus therapies by utilizing advanced red light therapy to target the root cause of tinnitus, providing long-lasting relief and backed by clinical studies.

          Other Ear Therapies

        Tinnitus Healing Properties

        Tinnitus Reduction

        Cellular Regeneration


        Long-Term Management

        Clinical Validation

        Examining Its Success in Alleviating Tinnitus

        In evaluating the efficacy of different tinnitus relief products, it's essential to consider various factors such as the mechanism of action, clinical evidence, and user feedback.


        The product's success in diminishing ear ringing is credited to its innovative magnetic acupressure therapy


        It indicates that most users saw improved hearing, resulting in a more satisfying auditory experience.


        It demonstrates that the product effectively relieves earaches, emphasizing its ability to address this particular discomfort.


        The data shows the improved the sleep experience, enhancing sleep quality and overall rest.

        *Based on a self-assessment conducted during a 4-week clinical study involving 180 tinnitus Clients using Dafeila™ Infrapeace

        • ★★★★★

          Ringing ears? Not Anymore

          "I was skeptical at first, but these ear plugs have really silenced the noise in my head. It's been such a relief!"

          Merlyn Kendall

        • ★★★★★

          Ear Plugs That Beat Tinnitus

          "These ear plugs have made a huge difference for my tinnitus. It's like a whole new world!"

          Estelle Webb

        • ★★★★★

          Tinnitus No More. Ear Plugs That Works!

          "Using these ear plugs has been a total game-changer for my tinnitus. It's like I have my life back again."

          Cathleen Daniels


          Get Answers to Common Queries About Dafeila™ InfraPeace Red Light Therapy Ear Plugs

          Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


          What technology does InfraPeace use for tinnitus healing?

          Dafeila™ InfraPeace features advanced LLLT technology designed to enhance natural healing processes, promoting cellular repair, reducing inflammation, and improving circulation in the ear.


          How do InfraPeace Red Light Therapy Ear Plugs work?

          These ear plugs utilize red light therapy to target tinnitus symptoms directly, promoting relaxation and providing relief.


          How does InfraPeace support the regeneration of damaged ear cells?

          Dafeila™ InfraPeace delivers controlled wavelengths of infrared light deep into the tissues surrounding the ears, stimulating cellular repair processes and supporting ear cell regeneration.


          Are there clinical studies supporting InfraPeace's effectiveness?

          Yes, Dafeila™ InfraPeace is supported by clinical studies and research confirming its effectiveness in promoting healing and alleviating tinnitus symptoms.


          How long should I wear the ear plugs each day?

          For best results, wear the ear plugs for the recommended duration
          provided in the user manual or as advised by your healthcare


          Can I wear the ear plugs while sleeping?

          Yes, these ear plugs are designed for comfortable wear during sleep,
          providing continuous relief from tinnitus symptoms throughout the night.


          How long does it take to see results?

          Results may vary for each individual, but many users report experiencing relief from tinnitus symptoms after consistent use over time. It is recommended to continue using the ear plugs as directed for optimal