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Kisshi™Dreamfit Ion Lifting And Shaping

Kisshi™Dreamfit Ion Lifting And Shaping

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Discover Your Body's True Potential with Kisshi™Dreamfit Ion Lifting And Shaping . Elevate Your Curves with Butt-Lifting Magic, Attain the Perfectly Sculpted Body, and Define Your Waistline. Boost Your Confidence and Elevate Your Style with These Revolutionary Shorts.

See what our customers are saying:

I've experimented with various shapewear options, but Kisshi™Dreamfit Ion Lifting And Shaping tops the list. It's particularly ideal for my cardio days. I find myself sweating more than ever, which makes my weight loss efforts even more effective. Surprisingly, it remains exceptionally breathable, never becoming unpleasantly smelly or stuffy. I highly recommend it for all you ladies looking to shed those extra pounds and sculpt your body beautifully!

Gia Morrison, 32, Baltimore, Maryland

Absolutely worth it! These Kisshi™Dreamfit Ion Lifting And Shaping are both flattering and incredibly comfortable with their stretchy fabric. I'm thrilled to have discovered them. They seamlessly enhance the fullness and shape of my butt, making my pants and dresses look even better. Wearing them out has significantly boosted my confidence

Gladys Deakin, 30, Gainesville, Florida

How does Belly Fat build-up?

Carrying some extra belly fat is perfectly normal, as fat plays a vital role in protecting and insulating your body.

When your body requires energy, these fats are broken down into fatty acids and glycerol, providing energy to your muscles and other tissues. However, if your body takes in more energy than it needs, the excess energy is converted into fat and stored in fat cells, resulting in weight gain and fat accumulation.

It's common for many women to observe an increase in belly fat as they age, even if they're not gaining weight. This can be attributed to factors such as decreased circulation and a slowing metabolism that often accompanies the aging process.

How does the Kisshi™Dreamfit Ion Lifting And Shaping work?

The Kisshi™Dreamfit Ion Lifting And Shaping are made from cotton and nylon, infused with graphene and tourmaline to promote blood circulation to firm up the skin.

The far infrared negative ions generate heat, leading to an increase in the temperature of deep subcutaneous tissues, which in turn stimulates metabolism. Additionally, they have the potential to aid in reducing swollen lymph nodes.

Kisshi™Dreamfit Ion Lifting And Shaping are a fantastic advanced treatment for many problems in the belly or abdomen. These tourmaline yoga shorts use various types of therapy treatments. There are over 800 reflex points in the stomach that can be stimulated.

Far Infrared Therapy

Far-infrared therapy uses far-infrared radiation, Infrared is a type of light that humans can't see, but can feel as heat.

"Far" describes where the wavelengths fall on the light spectrum. It is a natural drug-free healing method that uses low temperature heat to penetrate the surface area of the body and deliver oxygen to the tissues. It can reduce pain and inflammation, improve blood flow and nitric oxide production, and speed up the healing process of muscles and chronic diseases. It does not irritate or overheat the skin.

According to New York Medicine, infrared therapy can not only improve blood circulation, increase cellular metabolism and stimulate collagen production.

The Kisshi™Dreamfit Ion Lifting And Shaping harnesses the power to generate infrared without relying on an external power source. This infrared technology can aid the body in burning excess body fat and shedding those extra pounds. Furthermore, it facilitates an accelerated metabolism, resulting in more calories being burned and ultimately helping you reach your weight loss goals.

Effectively plump your buttock

Kisshi™Dreamfit Ion Lifting And Shaping massage and release ions that stimulate collagen production, causing the disappearance of loose skin and excess fat from the buttocks. Thanks to this, drooping and deformed buttocks can be firmed and raised!

Tourmaline Minerals

The development team has attached ¡°tourmaline¡±, a material with energy, to the elastic fiber which creates sensations of heat without other energy sources like electricity. The tourmaline provides users with multiple tourmaline points that could form an energy field, which is able to generate 100,000-300,000 energy units per hour. It helps to effectively stimulate the body¡¯s blood circulation, eliminate inflammatory cells and toxins, reduce fluid buildup and weight loss.

Tourmaline shorts contain tourmaline minerals (valuable natural minerals) that stimulate the abdominal and hip muscles through acupressure, stimulating blood circulation and relaxing the body. They are intelligently designed, so you look smooth and shaped from every angle. They are skin-friendly and breathable when worn, 4 times lighter than regular shorts, but have a 10-fold effect on body shaping - you can create the perfect body curvature right at night!

Here is Patricia¡¯s submitted photos of her weight loss journey with the use of the Kisshi™Dreamfit Ion Lifting And Shaping:

I work long hours sitting in front of a computer every day. I didn't want to take pills to lose weight. Because of that, my body suffered a lot of aches and pain, and it led me to become overweight. I didn't want to go through any type of surgery. So while searching for a solution to my weight problem, I came across the Kisshi™Dreamfit Ion Lifting And Shaping and decided to give it a try! The first few days I felt that my circulation has changed and I sweat more than ever before.

So, for the 4th week, I really saw an incredible change! I wore Kisshi™Dreamfit Ion Lifting And Shaping during my workout, I felt sweat more than before. And I lost about 28 lbs of weight too! It's really amazing how crazy the difference is! I felt that my metabolism had improved and I don¡¯t feel so bloated anymore, I was amazed that it did well with my water retention problem. No more lymphatic issues for me.

After 8 weeks of wearing it, I was astonished by the results!? Because of the shorts, I've lost a total of 62 lbs. My body feels fit, and more defined, free from bloat and toxins! I'm really happy I found the Kisshi™Dreamfit Ion Lifting And Shaping, it has really transformed my body and my life! I appreciate the help that was brought about by this product and I highly recommend it too!

Patricia Sutton, 32, Seattle, Washington

What makes the Kisshi™Dreamfit Ion Lifting And Shaping be your great choice?

  • Reduction of internal waste and excess fat, leading to weight loss
  • Therapies validated by respected institutions
  • Drastically enhances overall blood circulation
  • Enhances the functionality of the digestive system
  • Accelerates metabolism, addressing lymphatic issues such as lymphedema and lipoma
  • Alleviates physical fatigue and chronic inflammation
  • Sculpts and contours the waist and hips


    • Color: Black/Off-White/Red/Blue
    • Sizes:S, M, L, XL, XXL

    Package Inclusion:

    • 1 x Kisshi™Dreamfit Ion Lifting And Shaping
    With every purchase of our product, we pledge to donate a portion of our profits to support the Cruelty Free International organization. This organization is dedicated to advocating for the protection of animals and putting an end to animal cruelty worldwide. When you choose our product, you're not just enhancing your beauty; you're contributing to a more compassionate beauty culture. Join us in making a positive change for animals and our shared passion for beauty today.

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    Let's Hear from Successful Customer Using Luhaka™ TagRecede Bee Venom Treatment Spray

    As a dancer, my skin tags became a significant obstacle, hindering my ability to perform. The discomfort I experienced during dance practice often left me feeling discouraged and hopeless. Thankfully, my teacher recommended trying Luhaka™ TagRecede Bee Venom Therapeutic Spray. Within just 7 days, my skin tags vanished, restoring my confidence and enabling me to step back onto the stage. Once again, my graceful dance movements captivated the audience, reigniting my passion for dance.




    Understanding Skin Tags: Benign Growths on Skin

    Skin tags, also known as acrochordons, are small, soft, benign growths that protrude from the skin. They typically appear as tiny, flesh-colored or slightly darker skin flaps, often attached to the skin by a thin stalk or peduncle. Skin tags are common, factors such as friction, hormonal changes, genetics, obesity, and insulin resistance may contribute to their formation.

    Quick Solution: Say Goodbye to Skin Tags in 7 Days

    Try Luhaka™ TagRecede Bee Venom Treatment Spray for rapid relief of troublesome skin problems with visible results in as little as 7 days. This powerful yet gentle formula penetrates deeply to eradicate warts for smoother, clearer skin.

    Its user-friendly design makes it easy to apply whenever and wherever you need it, ensuring consistent and reliable treatment results.Say goodbye to skin tags and hello to flawless skin with Luhaka™ TagRecede Bee Venom Treatment Spray.

    What Makes Luhaka™ TagRecede Bee Venom Treatment Spray Special?

    Safe for All Skin Types

    Suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive skin

    Accelerate Healing Process

    Contains ingredients such as bee venom and licorice root that can accelerate the healing process of wounds

    Stimulate Tissue Regeneration

    Bee Venom, Arbutin and Licorice Root stimulate tissue regeneration

    Remove Skin Tags or Warts

    Removes skin tags or warts and solves your skin problems

    Prevent Infections After Removal

    Effectively prevent skin tags and warts from repairing after removal and prevent infection

    Formulated with 100% safe ingredients

    Contains ingredients such as arbutin and licorice root which are safe and harmless to human body

    • Bee Venom

      Bee venom contains many bioactive compounds, including bee toxin, alkaloids, and adolapine. Scientifically proven to treat dermatophytes and warts, its phospholipase A2 enzyme breaks down abnormal tissues, easing removal. Additionally, bee venom improves blood circulation, aiding in the removal of skin growths, promoting regeneration, speeding healing, and restoring damaged tissue.

    • Arbutin

      Arbutin is a natural phenolic compound that inhibits tyrosinase, an enzyme crucial for melanin production. By reducing melanin production, arbutin helps prevent hyperpigmentation when removing dermatophytes or warts. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties can ease discomfort and redness post-removal, aiding in the repair and rejuvenation of damaged tissue.

    • Licorice Root

      Licorice root is highly regarded in skincare products for its antibacterial properties. Its active ingredient, Licorice Acid, has strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that reduce pain and discomfort after dermatophyte or wart removal. Some studies have shown that licorice root also reduces skin pigmentation, improves skin lesions, and aids in skin repair after wart removal.


      Talk about results of your customers and how your product improved their life.

      Visible Effect in Just 7 Days


      said warts were permanently removed


      said skin blemishes were completely removed


      said their skin was smooth and glowing


      said that a significant reduction in skin tags

      *We have collected data from the past 13k+ users

      Dr. Jessica Miller, Dermatologist: My Thought on Luhaka™ TagRecede

      Based on my professional assessment, Luhaka™ TagRecede is a major breakthrough in the field of skin tags treatment. While there are a large number of products available on the market for the treatment of skin tags, Luhaka™ TagRecede Bee Venom Treatment Spray stands out due to its unique ingredients, especially bee venom. Bee venom is remarkably effective in eliminating skin tags or warts, promoting regeneration, speeding up the healing process and restoring damaged tissue.

      If you want to get rid of skin tags, I highly recommend you try Luhaka™ TagRecede and believe me, it has the potential to restore your skin to its natural perfection.

      • Day 1

        "I was always worried about warts on my face and tried many products but nothing helped. Even the warts would sometimes bleed and turn red. Luckily, a family member recommended Luhaka™ TagRecede Bee Venom Treatment Spray to me! The first time I used it, I was filled with excitement and within a few hours, I noticed a significant improvement in my warts."

      • Day 3

        "After 3 days of using this product, I am very pleased with the results. Thanks to the amazing Luhaka™ TagRecede Bee Venom Treatment Spray, my warts are almost gone, which makes me very excited that the warts that were causing me so much pain are finally going away. In addition, this cream is gentle on the skin and does not cause irritation."

      • Day 7

        "After seven days, I am very happy to announce that Luhaka™ TagRecede Bee Venom Treatment Spray is exactly as advertised - a product that does what it says it will do! The results are remarkable and blemishes are eliminated without scarring. This wart remover has been dermatologically tested and is foolproof. 100% effective with fast results!"

        Frequently Asked Questions


        Can Luhaka™ TagRecede help with blemishes or scars besides treating warts?

        Absolutely. Luhaka™ TagRecede isn't just effective for warts; it's also great for addressing other facial imperfections like fading scars and blemishes.


        How soon can I expect to see results from using Luhaka™ TagRecede?

        Typically, you'll notice results within 7 days of consistent use, though individual experiences may vary. The longer you use it, the more significant the results tend to be.


        Is the bee venom in the product safe for the human body?

        Rest assured, bee venom is entirely safe for humans. It's a traditional Chinese medicine with a wide range of applications. Processed bee venom offers anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial, and even sedative and hypotensive benefits.


        Is Luhaka™ TagRecede suitable for all skin types?

        Absolutely. Luhaka™ TagRecede is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, so there's no need to worry.


        Are there any precautions I should take when using Luhaka™ TagRecede?

        Just be cautious to avoid spraying the product into your eyes or mouth.