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KISSHI™ GlycoWave Blood Sugar Control Device

KISSHI™ GlycoWave Blood Sugar Control Device

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KISSHI™ GlycoWave Blood Sugar Control Device

KISSHI™ GlycoWave Blood Sugar Control Device

Regular price $49.97
Regular price $49.97 Sale price $99.94
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Tired of taking pills or injections to treat high blood sugar?

No need to go on a diet

Brand new EMS treatment,boost sugar metabolism, help break down carbs no worries about sweets.

No side effects 

After thousands of experiments, a completely natural and healthy treatment method, with no side effects whatsoever.

No medication required

Stabilize blood sugar balance by boosting your body's natural cell vitality, no medication needed.

Try the breakthrough treatment now!

How do we achieve this?

We utilize the most advanced EMS(Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology, which has been developed and tested for over two decades. Through the pulsed device, cellular activity is activated, organ aging is reversed, and sugar metabolism is restored to its peak state.¹


What is EMS?

EMS therapy, perfected through research and refinement by generations of scientists, has proven to be a revolutionary treatment.² By increasing insulin sensitivity and utilizing the muscle's ability to uptake and metabolize glucose, this device establishes a new paradigm in blood sugar management.³

How does the Magic of GlycoWave work with 'EMS'?

Stimulation of insulin receptors by EMS increases their activity, which enhances the process of conversion of glucose and fat and provides more energy to the cells. As a result, it lowers blood glucose concentration and reduces tissue fat.⁴


    When you have these symptoms, you should consider whether you have high blood sugar. Perhaps these symptoms may not seem to affect your life at the moment, but inside your body, the seeds of disease have already been planted. Nearly half of Americans have high blood sugar, and many are unaware of it.⁵


    There are many reasons for elevated blood sugar levels, including a high-calorie diet, issues with energy metabolism, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and more. Aging is one of the most frustrating factors, as it brings about organ dysfunction and accumulation of toxins, making middle-aged and elderly individuals more prone to high blood sugar.⁶


    Dr. Benjamin Parker

    Endocrinologist, MD

    I have been dedicated to the application of EMS in blood glucose management. This device utilizes EMS electrotherapy technology, which is scientifically proven to maintain blood glucose stabilization, regulate insulin secretion and cardiovascular health - all factors that contribute to better blood glucose control.⁷ Having witnessed firsthand the positive results my patients have experienced with the KISSHI™ GlycoWave Blood sugar control Device, l feel confident in recommending it as a safe and effective natural option for controlling blood sugar levels.⁸

    • Skin Friendly material

      Made of high quality materials and made in the USA, they are durable and do not need to be replaced frequently.

    • Waterproof

      Daily splashes and dust are not a problem and even wearing it in the rain will not affect it. The device can be used normally but should not be immersed in water for long periods of time.

    • Safety Guarantee

      KISSHI™ GlycoWave undergoes rigorous quality control tests including durability testing, insulation circuit testing, etc. before leaving the factory, ensuring product safety.



      Experienced a significant decrease in blood sugar levels after using KISSHI™.


      No rebound of blood glucose within six months after stopping use


      No longer requiring reliance on medication to maintain blood sugar levels.

      *We've collected data from the past 13k+ users



      Experienced a significant decrease in blood sugar levels after using KISSHI™.


      No rebound of blood glucose within 6 months after stopping use.


      No longer requiring reliance on medication to maintain blood sugar levels.

      • Applying advanced EMS technology

      • Reject reliance on medication

      • No chemical components are used

        After using for a period of time, the effects become apparent.Blood sugar decreases significantly.

          • ★★★★★

            Very easy to use, and the results are truly impressive!

            Coping with diabetic foot complications was a daily challenge until I came across the GlycoWave Electric Pulse Device. This groundbreaking device has been a lifesaver in my quest to recover from diabetic foot ulcers. Through consistent use, I've observed a considerable decrease in pain and inflammation, and my wounds are finally displaying signs of improvement.

            Joseph Martinez

          • ★★★★★

            It is definitely worth recommending to others.

            Persistent foot ulcers have been a constant challenge, turning each step into a painful experience. Yet, since incorporating this device into my routine, I've seen a notable enhancement in the healing of my diabetic foot ulcers. It has promoted blood circulation, facilitated slow wound healing, alleviated discomfort, and granted me greater comfort and confidence in walking.

            Richard Davis

          • ★★★★★

            The results exceeded my expectations.

            Enduring the challenges of diabetes has been an ongoing battle, particularly as it started to steal my vision, impacting every facet of my daily existence. The consistent use of this device is now restoring my sight. Furthermore, by adeptly managing my blood sugar levels, it tackles the underlying cause of my eye issue, amplifying its positive effects on my overall health and well-being

            Jennifer Jones

            Frequently Asked Questions


            How soon can I expect to see results?

            To achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes, we recommend consistent use for at least one week after initial use. Over time, you'll notice a gradual decrease in overall blood sugar concentration and stabilization of postprandial blood sugar levels with continued use.


            How long should I use it daily?

            Clinical trials have shown that optimal therapeutic results are achieved when worn for 15-30 minutes per day. Prolonged use beyond this time frame may compromise the therapeutic effect.


            How does the KISSHI™ GlycoWave Blood Sugar Control Device work?

            The device operates through a micro-pulse mechanism embedded within the wristband. These pulses penetrate deep into the blood vessels and nerves beneath the skin's surface, emitting bioelectrical signals. These signals work to regulate hormone secretion, boost cellular activity, improve insulin sensitivity, and restore balance to an impaired blood sugar control system. Ultimately, this process rejuvenates muscles and internal organs.⁹


            Is the KISSHI™ GlycoWave Blood Sugar Control Device safe to use?

            Absolutely. Before leaving the factory, the KISSHI™ GlycoWave Blood Sugar Control Device undergoes rigorous testing, including power on/off quality control tests, durability assessments, insulation circuit tests, and more. Additionally, the materials utilized are hypoallergenic and skin-friendly, ensuring the product's safety.


            What is the difference between using it and traditional therapy?

            The KISSHI™ GlycoWave Blood Sugar Control Device requires no injections, intake or prescriptions, making it incredibly user-friendly. Moreover, unlike traditional therapies that might come with medication side effects such as weight gain or muscle loss, the KISSHI™ GlycoWave Blood Sugar Control Device fosters muscle development, enhances overall body strength, and improves the body's internal environment.


            Will my blood sugar rebound once I stop using it?

            Based on our tests, we've found that blood sugar doesn't rebound within three months. However, we advise maintaining healthy lifestyle habits even after using the KISSHI™ GlycoWave Blood Sugar Control Device, as without them, a rebound is likely.


            Are there any clinical studies supporting the effectiveness of the KISSHI™ GlycoWave Blood Sugar Control Device?

            Yes, the KISSHI™ GlycoWave Blood Sugar Control Device has undergone thousands of clinical trials and is supported by extensive experimental data. All results prove its superior effectiveness in managing high blood sugar.

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